Veganism is not a trend anymore; it’s quickly becoming a lifestyle that many are adopting. Veganism is a choice one makes consciously. It could be because one is trying to pursue a healthy lifestyle or it could be because one cares for the environment.

On 28th November, millions of people will sit down for Thanksgiving dinner. It’s a time when family and friends get together and give thanks. For many Turkey is the main focus of the dinner but as more and more are becoming aware about how bad meat heavy diet is for health and environment, they are switching to plant-based diets.

So how do you do a vegan thanksgiving and or any other holiday dinner which is centered around turkey and ham and have sides with dairy?

Here are 5 practical tips if you are an aspiring vegan or if this is your first thanksgiving as a vegan

1.Surf the net

Just type “vegan thanksgiving” and a plethora of recipes are available. If you are a more visual person then YouTube has a lot of dedicated channels for vegan recipes.

2.Plan ahead

If you’ve been invited somewhere for thanksgiving dinner, bring a vegan dish so that your host doesn’t feel overwhelmed by the prospect of making something just for you.

3.Make sides

Thanksgiving sides are usually plant based. Cranberry sauce, roasted brussels sprouts and stuffed mushrooms are sides which vegans and non vegans enjoy.

4.Ditch the dairy

Use plant-based dairy like cashew or soymilk to make mashed potatoes and use vegetable shortening for making gravy.

5.No Bird-No problem

Tofurkey has become a popular feature on many vegan thanksgiving tables. Tofurkey is faux turkey, a meat substitute in the form of a loaf or casserole of vegetarian protein. Gardien is another brand that offers vegan roasts for thanksgiving. Trader Joes also have a very good meatless option. Their Breaded Turkey-less Stuffed Roast with Gravy has a wild rice stuffing core surrounded by soy protein and grain meat coated with a crisp herb breading.

With all these great options one does not need Turkey for thanksgiving. We hope you enjoy your vegan thanksgiving and remember a turkey will thank you for your consideration!