Fall in love with vegan ingredients, we will share our top recipes with you. Whether you’re trying to eat healthier, eat less meat, or go meat and dairy-free, these vegan food ideas will make your day using healthy and fresh ingredients.

Vegan Piña Colada Chia Pudding Recipe

Who said summer is about beach? As fas as we know, we can create summer anywhere and anytime! All you need is some creativity and delicious flavors to take you places you have never been. Our top pick for summer taste is Piña Colada, although mixing coconut and pineapple is always a good idea. Keeping [...]

Vegan Raspberry Banana Smoothie Recipe

Who doesn’t love smoothies? Easy to make, they are delicious option for a quick snack anytime of the day. Add some oats and plant yoghurt for extra protein and they become a filling breakfast option too. At Ekoa Brands we are c-r-a-z-y about fruits, so it is no surprise we have a small blender for […]

Ekoa Vegan Blueberry Chia Pudding Recipe

Looking for a healthy, tasty and easy to make breakfast recipe? We’ve got your back! Chia seed puddings are a no-brainer when it comes to cooking: you can do it in less then 5 min mix and matching whatever you have at hand, being the main ingredients chia seeds and your milk of preference. And [...]