Ekoa Variety Pack

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Four Flavors. One Pack.

Ekoa bars are your perfect on the go snack. Want to try all four flavors? Get the NEW variety pack to explore the sense of real, pure and tasty dried fruit bar. Let us know your favorite one!

12 Bars • Up to 150 Calories • Up to 3 Ingredients • 100% Natural

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Ekoa Fruit Bars are plant-based snacks filled with fibers and nutrients that gives you natural energy to tackle your daily tasks. Can’t decide which one is your favorite? Try all four flavors!

  • Our bars are made only with high-quality ingredients.
  • Ekoa Banana Bar: made with 100% Banana.
  • Ekoa Mango Bar: made with Dried Mango and some Dates to bind.
  • Ekoa Pineapple Bar: made with Dried Pineapple and some Dates to bind.
  • Ekoa Coconut Bar: made with Pure Coconut, some Dates to bind and a bit of Bananas for the extra touch.
  • 12 Bars per box
  • Up to 150 Calories
  • Up to  3 Ingredients
Weight 0.93 lbs
Dimensions 4.25 × 2.5 × 5 in
4 reviews for Ekoa Variety Pack
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    I bought the variety pack to see which flavor was my favorite but it was a hard one. I’m more a mango and pineapple guy but my gf loved banana and coconut. The taste is surreal. Highly recommend.

  2. Avatar


    I’m always on the go and I end up eating what ever food is available until I found this delicious and healthy bars. I just throw some in my car and when ever I’m hungry I just eat one and feel I’m putting in my body a healthy snack.

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    Great to try new flavors and have a variety on hand. They all taste great, but the variety pack is great to share with coworkers.

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    I really love all the flavors and feel great that I have something that tastes good and is healthy to snack on!

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