Ekoa Fruit Bars Variety Pack

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No fruit is alike, so aren’t our bars! Keep your options open by having a Variety pack of all our flavors ready-to-go. Every bar within will help you adding fibers and nutrients to your day and you’ll love every bite along the way. Shop our Variety Pack options: 4 x 4 packs (16 bars) or 4 x 12 packs (48 bars)

Up to 150 Calories • Up to 3 Ingredients • 100% Natural • Paleo • Vegan


Variety Pack - 16 barsVariety Pack - 16 barsVariety Pack - 48 BarsVariety Pack - 48 Bars


Added Sugar




No Artificial Coloring


No Artificial Flavoring

All the variety you need.

Ekoa Fruit Bars are plant-based snacks filled with fibers and nutrients that gives you natural energy to tackle your daily tasks.

  • Our bars are made only with high-quality ingredients.
  • Ekoa Banana Bar: made with 100% Banana.
  • Ekoa Mango Bar: made with Dried Mango and some Dates to bind.
  • Ekoa Pineapple Bar: made with Dried Pineapple and some Dates to bind.
  • Ekoa Coconut Bar: made with Pure Coconut, some Dates to bind and a bit of Bananas for the extra touch.
  • Up to 150 Calories
  • Up to 3 Ingredients
  • Paleo
  • Gluten Free

9 reviews for Ekoa Fruit Bars Variety Pack

  1. Manny Dias

    What a pleasant surprise, is the way to go
    Delicious, will buy more quickly

  2. LEO REICHARDT Verified Purchase

    What a great surprise these bars are! I bought 4 of each and they are delicious! I love the flavors. You can really taste the fruits, their right balance and amount of chewiness. I love that there is no sugar added. The only problem is that I don’t have a favorite one, so I have to keep buying all flavors over and over… 🙂

  3. Barbara Baldwin Verified Purchase

    Finally found something I can eat and enjoy. No nuts. Not fruit leather (which pulls my dentures out. So annoying). I like the texture and minimal ingredients. I will be a returning customer. Good job, guys!

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