Ekoa Fruit Bars Variety Pack

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No fruit is alike, so aren’t our bars! Keep your options open by having a Variety pack of all our flavors ready-to-go. Every bar within will help you adding fibers and nutrients to your day and you’ll love every bite along the way. Shop our Variety Pack options: 4 x 4 packs (16 bars) or 4 x 12 packs (48 bars)

Up to 150 Calories • Up to 3 Ingredients • 100% Natural • Paleo • Vegan


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No Artificial Coloring


No Artificial Flavoring

All the variety you need.

Ekoa Fruit Bars are plant-based snacks filled with fibers and nutrients that gives you natural energy to tackle your daily tasks.

  • Our bars are made only with high-quality ingredients.
  • Ekoa Banana Bar: made with 100% Banana.
  • Ekoa Mango Bar: made with Dried Mango and some Dates to bind.
  • Ekoa Pineapple Bar: made with Dried Pineapple and some Dates to bind.
  • Ekoa Coconut Bar: made with Pure Coconut, some Dates to bind and a bit of Bananas for the extra touch.
  • Up to 150 Calories
  • Up to 3 Ingredients
  • Paleo
  • Gluten Free

1 review for Ekoa Fruit Bars Variety Pack

  1. Colby

    Delish mango fruit bar, the serving is very filling and the perfect amount to hold you over til your next meal. Only two ingredients: mango and dates, no added sugars or preservatives and the flavor taste like an actual mango.. imagine that, it is!
    I love how the bar is fresh and chewy rather than dried out fruit you are fighting to eat. I pack these everywhere I go, running errands, hiking, the pool ect. So easy to throw in your bag and have on hand.

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