I Love ME: 7 Articles to Boost Your Self-Love & Self-Esteem


To love is a choice that is made consciously. To love yourself is no different: we may spend days without giving ourselves some “me time” or not paying attention to what our bodies are telling us. It is important to remember that Self-Love and Self-Care are pillars that hold the person we are. To be able to love others, we must first be recharged and emotionally balanced and this can only be achieved by mindfully taking care of yourself.

We put together a selection of 7 articles to have YOU thinking about YOURSELF. Don’t forget: health is a relationship between you and your body and eating well is a form of self-respect, so grab your favorite Ekoa fruit Bar and enjoy the reading!

  1. 30 day mental healthiness challenge Good Housekeeping: A month-long (printable) guide with one activity per day to challenge you to try something new to feel calmer and happier by the end of the month.
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  1. 45 Achievable New Year’s Resolutions for Healthier and Happier Living Good Housekeeping: A slide-show gallery with ideas for setting a New Year Resolution that collaborate to a better you.
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  1. A 12-Minute Writing Exercise to Purge Emotions Goop: “Words have tremendous power, and whether their effects are positive or negative depends on how we choose to use them.”
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  1. 11 Ways to Release Anger Healthline: It is no news that anger only hurts who holds it. This article gives you 11 ways to let go of anger and sadness to live a life at its fullest.
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  1. 100 Easy Science-Backed Ways to Get Healthy in 2020 Best Life: Expand your social circle, make your commute more active, and maintain a positive attitude are some of the tips for getting healthier – and they are all Science backed!
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  1. A Mindfulness Practice To Burn Bright Instead Of Burn Out This Decade Mindbodygreen: “What many people don’t realize is that mental and spiritual burnout can and will affect their physical body.” Pay attention to your mental and spiritual health to ensure you have a complete healthy life.
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  1. 10 At-Home Spa Treatments Real Buzz: Pampering is the #1 thing we search for when we want to have a “me time”. Here are 10 spa treatments you can do at home, at your pace, however you want it!
home spa

BONUS: The Ellen Show !

Watching your favorite movie or show is also a way to have your personal statement of your likes and dislikes, thus exercising “me time” power. At Ekoa, we are huge fans of The Ellen Show and we would watch it anytime to de-stress and feel happier.

Ellen Show

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