How to Create a Plant-Based Grazing Platter

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With Thanksgiving around the corner, there is no better time to star browsing ideas for new recipes and testing them out before the big feast day. Although this is a time of the year most people look for turkey, many of us have been more conscious about eating meat and turning away from meat-centric diets. But what to do for Thanksgiving?

The key to anything is planning. This is a great opportunity for you to create new traditions and encourage your family and friends to make healthier choices. Creating a Plate-Based grazing platter can be an excellent way to show your loved ones how eating a Plant-Based diet can be delicious and fun.

There are five important things to keep in mind when creating the perfect Plant-Based Grazing
Platter and we will take you through each step. In case you need some extra inspiration and ideas, we put together a Pinterest Board with delicious plant-based grazing platters you will love. Check it out here.

1. Start with your favorite roasted veggies

Fall already calls for some kitchen staples such as: butternut squash, beets, Brussels Sprouts. Add rainbow carrots and heirloom baby tomatoes for texture and color.

2. Dips, Dips, Dips!

There is an array of Plant-Based dips to choose from: hummus, pesto sauce, guacamole, even Tostito’s tomato dip! You can also browse for Vegan Dip Recipes to find out-of-the-ordinary recipes like this Easy Muhamamara Dip from the Minimalist Baker.

Here are some store-bought dip brands we love: Ithaca Hummus, Miyoko’s Creamery, Jammy Yummy,  Kite Hill, and Siete Foods.

A bowl of Gluten-Free Muhamarra Dip served with gluten-free crackers
Easy Muhammara Dip by the Minimalist Baker

3. Add a Crunchy Factor

Crackers, veggie sticks, bread slices, and pita chips are good options to pair with your dips. Try to use something people are not used to buying regularly as a snack to have a surprise element for the guests. Look for a local bakery or gourmet foods shop where you can find local product and new brands.

4. Nuts, Olives, and… Dried Fruits!

No grazing platter is complete without Dried Fruits! They are delicious and pair well with everything in your board without taking away the dessert spotlight. We love cutting Ekoa Bars to add to our grazing platters, but you can also use figs to decorate and dates filled with peanut butter for ultimate indulgence.

Flavored nuts add the crunchy element people love snacking on and olives make an easy and pretty addition to the platter.

ekoa bars

5. Surprise Element

Adding a surprise element to your board shows authenticity and can break the ice and invite people to get snacking. Make it themed by adding seasonal items like small pumpkins and flowers. Add unexpected items like dark chocolate pieces, fresh fruit, and even popcorn to make your grazing platter look festive and inviting.

Vegan Grazing Platter
Autum Charcuterie Board by Healthy Little Vittles

Don’t forget that eating starts with the eyes and presentation matters. Be intentional when cutting the fruits and veggies and placing the items. Use quality ingredients and look for colorful elements when shopping for your grazing platter. Don’t forget the toothpicks for the olives, knives for the dips & spreads and enjoy all the items in your delicious grazing platter!

vegan grazing platter

Ekoa Bars are a tasty and nutritious addition to any Grazing Board.

Shop you favorite flavor and share it with your friends!

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