Health Benefits of Mango


Mangoes are sweet, delicious and really enjoyable. Maybe this is why they are called the king of fruits.

It’s time to enjoy all the healthy benefits of the mango: breakfast smoothie, or a snack in a very convenient way: Try our Ekoa bars now! Our Mango Bar is equal to one serving of mango without any add-ons. Because our fruit is air-dried, it keeps all its natural benefits in an easy to eat version. Take it with you, share it with friends and family, everybody will love it!

Here is something maybe you don’t know: Its composition prevents some degenerative diseases and does not add as many calories as its sweet taste may make you think: 100g contains only 65 calories with a good dose of fiber. A fruit that will satisfy your craves any time of the day: breakfast, snack and you can enjoy all its benefits when you go for a delicious treat: An Ekoa Mango Bar anytime of the day.

Need More Vitamins? High in vitamins A and C: Perfect for those who have low tolerance for citrus fruits, pepper or other vegetables that contain Vitamin C. If you need an extra boost of these vitamins, if you have high levels of stress or if you have a lot of physical activity, then enjoy the benefits of mango now.

  • Mangos are also rich in vitamins that belong to the group B, such as niacin, pyridoxine and riboflavin. These vitamins are needed for the proper functioning of the nervous system and for maintaining healthy skin, nails and hair.
  • Vitamin B9, or folic acid, is necessary for preventing fetal malformations during pregnancy and Vitamin B1, or thiamin, offers beneficial effects for mental activity and the nervous system.

Do you need an extra caloric intake?

  • If you are an athlete, for your kids growing up or adolescents, for the elderly or pregnant women, the healthy mango benefits can really help in preventing many diseases.
  • Minerals found in mangos such as iron (highly recommended for vegetarians and pregnant women), potassium (necessary for a well functioning nervous and muscular system), calcium (necessary for the good bones and teeth), magnesium (important for the fixation of calcium in teeth and cell metabolism), phosphorous, sodium, etc.

Clean Your Body

  • Because of their content of enzymes, mangoes can help with digesting proteins, which help to take advantage of nutrients and to strengthen one’s immune system, maintaining the body in optimum condition.
  • Mangoes laxative properties are great for preventing and improving constipation, their high levels of fibre are key.
  • If you want to lose weight, enjoy the benefits of mango with few calories and many nutrients and vitamins.

Ripe mango is characterized by its pleasant aroma and so are our bars! It’s pure mango and you can enjoy all its healthy benefits directly or from an Ekoa Mango Bar: Delicious easy to carry and eat! For people on the go!

Did you know…

Some tips from Ayurveda: This ancient wisdom indicates that mango is beneficial and healthy for you: This means that it is great for the general functioning of the body. It is used to strengthen the heart, stop bleeding, treat anemia and heavy periods, cleanse the liver and lose weight. They even use its seed!


No more excuses!

Shop now Ekoa Mango Bars and enjoy all the health benefits this fruit can offer you.

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