Add coconut to your diet now!

Coconut meat is tasty, soft and a little bit sweet, and you can enjoy it raw or dried. You have also heard that eating coconut and drinking its juice is beneficial for you. Today, we would like to share the health benefits of coconut and invite you to eat this delicious fruit in the comfort of your home with our Ekoa Bars: Pure, air-dried coconut.

To enjoy a coconut, you can take the raw white meat (kernel) scrape it from the shell and eat it. It has a firm texture and delicious, slightly sweet flavor and its health benefits are just as good. And what happens to you body? Here some of the healthy benefits of coconut:

Great for Digestion

Did you know that coconut is gentle to the digestive system? This is why our coconut bar is one of our favorites: High in fibre content and cleanses your system too. Coconut meat has more fibre than other types of grain, even wheat bran, so include it in your breakfast from now on!

Full of Vitamins & Minerals

  • Coconut has vitamins B, C & E these help your immune system and boost your cellular energy.
  • Rich in natural minerals, like magnesium helping regulate heart rate
  • High levels of potassium: Great for your kidneys, heart and of course your brain. And did you know coconut gives you 50% more than a banana?
  • Another healthy benefit of coconut is calcium making your bones strong.
  • Phosphorus for your bones and teeth.
  • Iron to give your red blood cells a boost.

Loaded with Antioxidants

Antioxidants circulate the body looking for free radicals in the cells of the body. If you want to have more of these, eat one of our Coconut Ekoa Bars, or include the healthy benefits of coconut in you breakfast.

High in Good Fats

  • Wait, what’s the difference between good and bad fats? The fats found in coconuts are used by your body for energy rather than being stored in the body (bad ones). Along with a healthy diet, coconuts will provide you with a great energy source that won’t stick around.
  • Lauric acid is a healthier saturated fat that has health benefits for you, not what you’d expect from a saturated fat! It means your body will absorb it whole and use it like a carbohydrate, burning it directly. Studies have shown it may also help with weight-loss due to making you feel fuller with less.

Low in Calories

If you want to start your day with a low calorie drink, drink coconut water. It is low in carbohydrates, calories, sugar, and nearly fat-free. We recommend it for any time of the day instead of any sugary drink, and it is healthier than many fruit juices.

Beauty Help

We also want to recommend coconut oil as part of your beauty routine. In India, they use it for hair massages, helping restore damaged hair and will make your hair smell delicious! Another health benefit of coconut is that it is great for cleansing, it has an antimicrobial effect, which can  and reduce acne.

Other healthy benefits of coconut proven by scientists:

It is also known to help if you suffer from diabetes or pre-diabetes (talk to your doctor first on how often it can help) it also helps the thyroid function boosting your hormones.

Enjoying Coconut in all its forms:

Coconut Milk: Perfect for a vegan diet, a great and healthier replacement for normal milk. Use it in drinks, baking & cooking for amazing flavor.

Coconut Oil: It is becoming more popular and more popular. We can even use for beauty and of course, to add a delicious and healthy flavor to our dishes.

Coconut Water: Especially good for hydration without sugar and high in potassium, it’s great for during and post exercise.

Dried Coconut: These flakes be toasted and put in granola. For healthier recipes use the ones without sugar.

Coconut Sugar: Again, high in potassium and iron. Substitute it for normal sugar in the same quantities.

Coconut Bars: Perfect to snack, and to take with you any time! Try our delicious 100% pure fruit bars and enjoy the healthy benefits of coconut any time you want them!

Nutrition facts for 1 cup (100 grams) of raw and dried coconut meat


Raw coconut meatDried coconut meat
Protein3 grams7.5 grams
Carbs15 grams25 grams
Fiber9 grams18 grams
Fat33 grams65 grams
Manganese75% of the Daily Value (DV)137% of the DV
Copper22% of the DV40% of the DV
Selenium14% of the DV26% of the DV
Magnesium8% of the DV23% of the DV
Phosphorus11% of the DV21% of the DV
Iron13% of the DV18% of the DV
Potassium10% of the DV16% of the DV
Healthy Benefits of Coconut

Add Coconuts to Your Diet Now!!

Indulge in this delicius fruit with our Ekoa Bars: Our Coconut Bars are made with 100% real coconuts and only coconuts. Healthier lifestyle you can enjoy anywhere and with anyone!