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Here at Ekoa we take our snack game very seriously. We love to try the fun, new, and yummy products on the market. We are in the era of food delivery services and we’ve hit the motherload of healthy snack subscription boxes! Ekoa wants to share the love and pass on some of our favorites! 



1.Clean.FitWhy we like them: CLEAN.FIT box makes eating clean easy by delivering all-natural, high-quality, delicious and convenient snacks, superfoods, and supplements, monthly. The #cleanfitfam community supports you to live with intention, balance, and self-love, keeping you motivated to achieve your fitness goals while focusing on sustainable, holistic mind and body wellness.

Special Benefits: Non-GMO, No Artificial Preservatives, Fillers, Flavors/Colors, Trans fats or Partially-Hydrogenated Oils, Fake Sweeteners or High-Fructose Corn Syrup, Healthy Packaged Snacks.


snack nation


2. Snack Nation They’ve made it their mission to find exciting, health conscious snack brands and connect them around the snack bowl with like-minded people. People craving a better alternative, a fuel that matches their fire and products with purpose.

Why we like them: “We’ve always made it our mission to find emerging, health conscious snack brands and connect them around the snack bowl with like-minded people. People craving a better alternative, a fuel that matches their fire and products with purpose.”

Special Benefits: “Snack Scientists”, 73 Banned Ingredient List


3. Snack Riot – “As parents we all know the struggle is real. Kids NEED SNACKS all day long and they’re always getting bored with the regular options. Let SnackRiot help you be the hero by introducing your busy family to the hottest trends in snacking (ingredients, varieties, flavors + packaging).

Why we like them: SnackRiot scours the country to source the best fruit snacks, bars, crackers, jerky, chips + treats for your family. They are a monthly snack box created by parents for parents. 

vegan snacks


4. Vegan CutsTo celebrate the vegan lifestyle, regardless of how you live it, and bring you vegan products you can trust.

Why we like them: [Their] “box curators search every corner of the vegan world to discover the most exciting new products from new and established brands. They thoroughly examine ingredients, test all products and carefully craft each box to deliver an unboxing experience that will delight you.”

Special Benefits: Healthy Packaged Snacks, Vegan, Cruelty-Free.

bar bella box

5. BarBellaFunctional Fitness apparel, gear, accessories, snacks, supplements, workout tips, and more exclusively for women. BarBella Box was created out of necessity.

Why we like them: The BarBella Box team is currently scouring the Earth to find the best products for you. Since this box is made especially for women, the products are handpicked for what women want.

best snaclk subscription boxes


6. Raw BoxRaw Box believes that good health begins with what you put into your body. When you eat better, you feel better. It’s that simple. RawBox supports a clean, plant-based lifestyle by providing the tools you need to stay healthy for the long term. That’s why we seek out healthy snacks with nutrient-rich superfood ingredients, beauty products with ingredients you can understand, and simple, non-toxic household items (hello, essential oil room spray!).

Why we like them: They believe that following a raw, plant-based lifestyle should be a viable option for everyone. We are committed to removing the barriers by connecting you with raw, clean options that support, rather than disrupt, your busy lifestyle. They search the country for the healthiest products we can find…and we deliver them right to your door. 

Special Benefits: Plant Based, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Raw, Dairy Free, Non-GMO, Wheat-Free, Healthy Packaged Snacks.

raw box

7. Healthy Me Living – Chisty (the owner) loves making healthier options more available so that others don’t have the problem finding healthier options like she once did.

Why we like them: Perfect for home and at work! Snack boxes, Vending Machines, & options for smaller offices. 

Special Benefits: No Artificial Ingredients, Non GMO, Natural, Organic, No High Fructose, No Trans Fat, High Fiber Packaged Snacks, Best Healthy Packaged Snacks.

corgaids snack boxes

8. Core GainsCore Gains provides the best variety blend of 10+ healthy, protein-dense, energy-packed snacks in each box to keep you energized and satisfied no matter how busy your lifestyle might be! Our snacks include a wonderful mix of Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-free, and are all vegan.

Why we like them: Their Snacks are specifically selected to keep your body and mind thriving throughout the day with core nutrients and natural energy so you can attain peak performance daily! In each box, you will find a mix of protein bars, protein chips, nut & fruit mixes, and all natural, healthy, energy booster products (caffeine, b12, electrolyte powders) that have been tested by their health conscious team and exceeded our expectations.

Special Benefits: Mix of Organic, Non GMO, Low Calorie Packaged Snacks, Gluten free, and Vegan.

snax subscription box

9. Snax – Snax delivers the world’s best branded snacks right to your workspace every month. Their boxes are curated to your needs healthy and delicious!

Why we like them: Ordering a box from Snax is 40% cheaper than ordering from your favorite website, not to mention you will spend money on ordering 3-4 different snacks when each of our carefully selected boxes will have 10-15 different SKUs. Their hand curated box of Snax are 220 calories or less, that will keep you and your employees healthy and happy.

Special Benefits: 220 Calories or less, Low Calorie Package Snacks,  Healthy Snacks for Work, Healthy Office Snacks.

pale by maileo box

10. Paleo By Maileo – Each month you will receive an assortment of 7-9 crowd-pleasing Paleo foods, products and snacks. Items can include sweets (cookies, bars, dried fruit, etc.), savory snacks (jerky, nuts, chips, etc.), ingredients (sauces/spreads, wraps, etc.), and the occasional personal care products.

Why we like them: They have been looking for the best ingredients and companies so you can enjoy it all too. They created this site to bring you the best of the best in the Paleo world and to give you that spark to continue staying healthy and feeding your inner machine.

Special Benefits: 100% Paleo, Grain Free, Dairy Free, Additive Free, Refined Sugar Free

All of these amazing boxes have Ekoa Fruit Bars. Want to have your own box full of Ekoa Fruit Bars? Shop now!


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