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“It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.” 

Paulo Coelho


Everyone is in search for happiness, but sometimes we become so busy that we lose sight of it. Life happens and, as we are looking up chasing big dreams, we tend to overlook simple things that can bring us joy. This is the perfect time of the year to meditate on these thoughts and understand what really matters for us.

We thought we’d help you out figuring out your list by sharing our own. Here are the most significant things that bring us happiness and joy:

  1. Taking a walk with a loved one

Nature and slow walks are often under rated. A stroll in the park with light breeze blowing, holding hands with a loved one is enough to raise anyone’s spirits.


  1. Reading a good book

Losing yourself in a good book is life’s greatest joy. Pick a book today and immerse yourself in it. Check out our Food for Thought Pinterest board for inspiration.


  1. Riding a bike

Riding a bike on a sunny day is fun! There is something about feeling the wind in your face which brings happiness.


  1. Listening to music

Have you ever turned on the radio and your favorite song is playing? Isn’t that the best feeling ever? Music can change our mood, motivate us, and touch our hearts. Ekoa has a Spotify profile with great playlists for a good soundtrack. Put your records on and sing along! 


  1. Waking up and realizing you still have an hour before your alarm goes off

Let’s admit it, we all love it if when we realize we can still sleep in after waking up suddenly especially on a weekday!


  1. Drinking hot cocoa on a cold, snowy day

The first sip of that hot drink gives so much pleasure! It is so good that it can melt our heart. If you want to give your holiday drink some extra “magic”, check out Delish’s article with 37 Winter Cocktails That Will Get You Feeling Festive.


  1. Receiving a package or letter through snail mail

Even though we all receive packages from Amazon for everyday needs, it’s not the same as receiving a package from a friend or relative through regular mail. The art of writing long letters is dead and it could be a good season to spark some smiles around with a cute letter to someone you love.


  1. A relaxing bath after a long day

A bath with candle lights is just what the doctor prescribed after a long tiring day. Take it up a notch with a glass of champagne, music, and an Ekoa Fruit Bar!


  1. Watching the stars

Lying on a blanket and looking at the stars twinkling on a clear night can be magical. Let your imagination fly and name the starts and planets from afar.


  1. First bite of your absolute favorite dish

Since childhood we all have our favorite dishes and the first bite of our favorite dish, especially if we’re eating it after a long time is the one, is a gift we want to savor forever.


  1. Watching a stunning sun set

Nature provides the best and free simple pleasures. Watching different colors playing across the bright sky fills one up with appreciation for the world around us.


  1. A nostalgic smell

The smell of freshly baked cookies or your favorite perfume takes you back to your safe place and good memories.


  1. A good conversation

Sometimes a good conversation with someone you love and trust is all you need to feel happy.


  1. Laughing out loud

No, we don’t mean typing LOL or ROFL; we mean really laughing till we get a stich on our side or tears roll down our eyes.


  1. Listening to the sound of the waves

I never understood why people take music to the beach when the best music is provided by the ocean itself. The sound of the ocean is one of the most mesmerizing sound ever. Can’t go to the beach? Listen to the waves on Spotify!



These are just a few things we thought of. Let us know if you want to add anything to this list!


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