Clean Eating Tips For on the Go Lifestyles


How often are you traveling or constantly on the go? Whether you are traveling for fun or have a busy life, there are tips to maintaining a clean eating lifestyle on the go. So many of us can eat clean and cook healthy, but only when we “have the time” to be stationary. So, what are some need to knows when you are constantly on the go?

Never miss breakfast.

In a fast pace lifestyle, we tend to say, “we’ll get to it later”, but your metabolism is a furnace that not only needs consistent fuel to burn calories, but it needs to wake up and be turned on every morning. So, no matter how large or small, never skip breakfast. Easy on the go breakfasts to have are overnight oats, a cup of granola and almond milk, a protein shake, or one of our Ekoa Fruit Bars.

Meal preparation is your best friend.

Make some time in the evening to prepare your breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next day. Even if you’re traveling, did you know you can bring meals through airport security? Some of you may wonder why meal prep over grabbing “healthy options” at the airport or on the road? Whenever you order food out or prepackaged meals you’re feeding your body high sodium meals and when you consume high levels of sodium your body retains water, especially when flying because altitude  change alone dehydrates the body or if you don’t drink enough water throughout the day to flush your system.

Keep your snacks clean!

When we think of snacks, primarily we think of chips or nuts, but when you want to keep a clean, calorie balanced diet, you want your snacking options to be high protein or nutrient dense carbs. Why not chips or nuts? Chips are made in oils that are usually high in fat. Although nuts are very good for you, they are good in very small dosages due to their fat content as well. Why are protein or nutrient dense carbs better snacking options? Protein supports muscle. When we don’t consume enough protein, our body begin to break down our muscle mass. Nutrient dense or complex carbs are carbs that turn into glucose, which alarms our metabolism to wake up, burn, and use those carbs to energize our bodies. 

It’s that time of the year where everyone’s schedules and routines have shifted. We are all traveling with family and friends or running around with the kids. This time should be joyful and memorable, not stressful due to balancing a busy life and clean eating.  So, remember these tips for your on the go lifestyle.

Never miss breakfast, meal preparation is your best friend, and keep your snacks clean!


Ekoa Bars are a convenient healthy snack that you can take anywhere.

Add more fruits to your diet and enjoy the health benefits of simple and clean ingredients!

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