How to Create a Plant-Based Grazing Platter

With Thanksgiving around the corner, there is no better time to star browsing ideas for new recipes and ...
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20 Ways To Celebrate Fall

Fall is finally here and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Even though we will all have ...
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Dried Fruit Healthy

Is Dried Fruit Healthy? 7 Benefits of Dried Fruit

You may have heard a lot of conflicting information about dried fruit. Dried fruit has a bad rap, ...
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9 Natural and Easy Ways to Increase Your Energy Levels Ekoa

9 Natural and Easy Ways to Increase Your Energy Levels

Have you been feeling tired lately but also reluctant to go for another cup of coffee? While there ...
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Benefits of dates

Dates, Great Benefits in Small Fruits

Did you know dates help relieve intoxication and prevent a hangover? Thanks to their nutritional profile containing several ...
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How to Add More Fruits and Vegetables To Your Diet

We’ve already talked about Plant-Based Diet in a previous post, but if you need some extra tips on ...
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girl enjoying a meal

10 Principles of Intuitive Eating

There are many diets out there with promises of weight loss, healthy living, and happier life. But when ...
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Our Favorite Books to Help You Change Your Diet Mindset

The Anti-Diet trend has been gaining more and more followers as people start getting tired of counting calories ...
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7 Ways You Can Take a Break and Recharge Besides Sleeping

Feeling burned out? Even though you are home most of this season? Many people have been feeling tired ...
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