A Healthier Treat for Halloween


Halloween evokes some of the most beloved sense memories. The orangish-red leaves of autumn foliage. Homes decked out with spooky pumpkins, scarecrows, witches, and goblins. The sounds of lighthearted children giggling up to doorways and screaming, “Trick or treat!” And the achingly sweet aroma of those very treats.

Between parties, sweets around the house, and candy collected trick-or-treating, the average child consumes as much as three cups of sugar on Halloween. That’s more than 15 times the maximum daily recommendation. Which doesn’t mean kids and adults can’t enjoy goodies. It just makes smart sense to have healthy alternatives on the ready and to keep the sugar intake in check.

Swapping out the buckets of junk food is the best place to start. The old-school candies are loaded with high-fructose corn syrup, processed sugar, gluten, and peanuts. Which makes those doorstep cauldrons as sinister as they appear.

Replace the sugary candy with whole fruit-based treats like our plant-based, 100-150 calories Ekoa fruit bars. Our low sugar, healthy snack bars are made with no more than three ingredients, and their sweetness comes entirely from nature.

Fructose gotten directly from fruits aren’t as harmful as free sugars—sugars removed from their natural sources and added to products as sweeteners. It is easy to consume free sugars in copious amounts, leading the pancreas to release insulin to control glucose levels. The spikes of the insulin then result in a crash in hormone and dopamine levels, causing side effects such as mood swings and tantrums.

So, what’s a health-conscious Halloween alternative to high-fructose corn syrup candies? Healthy snack bars. Yes, all-natural nutrition bars provide your kids with the sweet taste they seek, increase their energy, and are healthy overall. Here are also some other tips to balance out the indulgences of All Hallow’s Eve:

  • Replace processed candy with natural fruit treats
  • Eat a hearty dinner before indulging in sweets containing free sugar
  • Set a limit on candy consumption
  • Serve a low-sugar, low-carb breakfast the next morning, featuring protein and whole fruit
  • Get rid of any remaining candy to break the sugar-binge cycle and ward off temptation.
  • Substitute candies with low sugar, healthy, fruity energy bars. 

Switch the high-fructose corn syrup candies for nature’s candy: dried fruits!

Ekoa Bars are a delicious treat that will trick your kids into eating healthy.

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