25 Ideas for a Date Night on a Budget


Keeping the fire burning is a challenge most couples have: as life runs by, we get longer to-do lists and less time and energy to be together. Other priorities like work, kids, study, community, and even our own health can drain our promise to be eternally crazy in love for our partners.

When life seems too complicated to fall in love again, we have to simplify and open ourselves to new challenges and see things from different perspectives. How about learning to flirt again? Or taking a time off at an arcade? Bellow, we will show you fun and cheap ideas for bringing joy and romance back:

  1. Do an inside or outside picnic. (Check out these ideas from Food & Wine.)
  2. Workout together.
  3. Get roller skating or ice-skating.
  4. Movie marathon with ice cream with all toppings. Here is a list from The New York Times with the 50 Best Movies on Netflix Right Now.
  5. Listen to your throwback records. Spotify has an entire genre called Decades so you time travel with your favorite songs of all times.
  6. Spa night together. Check out this article from Foreo for some extra inspiration.
  7. Visit a public garden.
  8. Go to happy hour and make the appetizers your meal.
  9. Have friends over and play board games.
  10. Test drive an expensive car.
  11. Do a breakfast date. Get inspired with our Breakfast & Brunch Pinterest Board.
  12. Take photos of each other.
  13. Volunteer together.
  14. Make a time capsule. 
  15. Watch the sunset or sunrise.
  16. Make pizza at home.
  17. Take a dance class together.
  18. Do a puzzle together.
  19. Be a tourist in your own city. Not convinced? Here are 5 Reasons You Need to Become a Tourist in Your Own City.
  20. Experiment new foods.
  21. Make life lists.
  22. Break a record. Pick one from Guinness World Records here.
  23. Dream about your dream house. Use Pinterest to gather some ideas and create a board.
  24. Go to a midnight movie.
  25. Go to a bar and cheer for a team.

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