Going vegan is a challenge for anyone: learning to read labels, finding the right replacements for what you are used to eat, get your macros right, re-stock all the fresh food more frequently, check out restaurants menus before making a reservation. It does require some planning, but once mapped out it is worth it! We thought we’d help you out by listing 10 of our favorite snacks to add to your grocery list.

  1. Ekoa Fruit Bars (@ekoabrands):

ekoa vegan bars

Our most obvious choice is our favorite! Ekoa fruit bars have no added sugar, have 01-03 ingredients, 100-150 calories, VEGAN, Kosher, plant-based, no added preservatives, gluten-free, and top 7 allergen-free. They are a perfect on-the-go snack or even to pair up with a fancy wine!

  1. Hippeas (@hippeas_snacks):

hippeas vegan white cheddar puffs

The chickpea based puff is vegan even for the white cheese flavor, so eat with no guilt! With 06 different flavors, they cheer up any drive or picnic.

  1. OWYN Plant-based Protein Drinks (@liveowyn):

owyn plant based drink

With 20g of plant protein per serving, our favorite plant-based drink is a must for vegans who are worried about getting enough protein in their diets. Our favorite flavor is smooth vanilla!

  1. Bare Snacks (@baresnacks):

bare apple chips

At Ekoa we are crazy about fruits, but when we are looking for something crunchy our to-go snack is Bare. Like Ekoa, they have few ingredients and are simply delicious.

  1. HU Dark Chocolate (@hukitchen):

hunks vegan snack

Vegan chocolate are the cleanest version of chocolate in the market. For this reason HU Chocolate is a great choice of snack even for non-vegans. And, like Ekoa Fruit Bars, it helps reducing sugar cravings!

  1. Miyokos Creamery (@miyokoscreamery):

miyokos creamery vegan cheese spread

One of the hardest parts of becoming a vegan is replacing cheese. Miyokos Creamery just made that a problem from the past by having delicious vegan cheeses options to put together that afternoon sandwich snack.

  1. Mush Overnight Oats (@mush):

mush overnight oats apple pie

Cold, creamy, like pudding. This snack is a good option for breakfast on-the-go packed with nutrients you need to fuel your day. The Coffee + Coconut Cream and a Pineapple Ekoa Bar add to a total of 350 calories of few and simple ingredients. Try them out!

  1. From the Ground Up Snacks (@fromthegroundupsnacks):

cauliflower pretzels from the ground up

The Cauliflower Pretzels are our favorite from From The Ground Up, but there are many other savory snacks that serve as an alternative for not only vegans, but celiac and lactose intolerant diets.

  1. Kite Hill Yogurt (@kitehillfoods):

Kite Hill

Made from almonds has seriously good Greek yogurt with 11g of protein and 2g of sugar. Chop up your favorite Ekoa Fruit Bar to add texture and natural sweetness for a more fulfilling snack.

  1. Karma Nuts (@karmanuts):

karma snacks

One of our finds at Natural Products Expo, Karma Nuts have unique flavors that takes us from our boring routines to the land of indulgence but with no guilt: they are air roasted to keep them minimally processed.